Vivid Safety Consulting Services Ltd. is a
Calgary based HSE company providing safety services to clients primarily within the construction industry.

Developing and maintaining a health and safety program can seem like a daunting task
and companies often struggle to understand what their responsibilities are.
Vivid works with companies at the ground level to gain an understanding of their specific safety needs.
We strive to provide assistance, information and solutions that are realistic, efficient, applicable and sustainable.

With Vivid Safety, you can feel confident that a qualified Health & Safety Professional is looking out for the well being of you, your employees and your business.

Founder Char Priddey has been in the construction industry since 2005. From production scheduling, administration and managing workers and trades, Char has built her skill set in many different areas and within various industries. With these skills, her safety education and experience; Char designs, streamlines and maintains custom safety programs. Vivid Safety Consulting was formed to provide clients with a realistic approach to safety in the workplace.  

Why hire a safety consultant?

- Reduce your overhead costs. Plus it’s a tax deductible business expense
- Gain an objective point of view from someone who is not influenced by your past safety record or issues
- Immediate value added to your company by bringing specialized safety experience into your workplace
- Available as needed or by contract

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